Araya Foundation Thailand is a non- profit organization, Founded May 2010 in Chiang Mai for the purpose of promoting Education of children in rural areas.




The Araya Foundation Thailand is dedicated to the charitable goal of helping to ensure that the learning needs of all young people are met through equitable access to appropriate learning and life skills programs. We seek to identify a mode of education that would serve the learning and working needs of youth particularly in rural, agrarian communities where the lack of formal and advanced education are most apparent. Due to the personal biography of the founder of Araya Foundation, Dr. Duen Marti, the foundation has decided to focus its activities in Thailand.The Araya Foundation Thailand sets up and supports a program of volunteer teachers to encourage cultural exchange and facilitate foreign language learning by rural underprivileged Thai children. In our current world of globalization we believe foreign language skills, openness to foreign mentality and culture will be essential in ensuring peaceful and fruitful international cooperation and development.