Frequently Asked Questions


 Q: Are there any Fees associated with Volunteering ?

A: The Araya Foundation does not charge volunteers for anything and we do not solicit our volunteers for donations. Volunteers of course will be responsible for their own travel to Thailand as well as their own Visas, but we will never ask for any money.

 Q:  I have seen that other charities say it is OK to volunteer on a Tourist Visa is this true for your foundation also?

A: In Thailand, volunteering is considered work and it is illegal to work in Thailand without a proper Visa and work permit. The Araya Foundation will supply all volunteers with the appropriate paperwork to receive a Non-Immigrant O Visa for the purpose of Volunteering.  Once you arrive in Thailand we will begin the process of applying for your work permit.

 Q: What is the minimum time commitment required for volunteering?

A: We require at least an 8 week commitment.

 Q:  What period are volunteers needed?

A: Volunteers are needed only during the periods when the schools are open.  Mid-May through the end of September and November through the end of February. Volunteering is Monday through Friday 8 AM – 3 PM, weekends are your own time.

Q:  Do I need to be a Native English speaker in order to volunteer?

A: While we do not require that our volunteers are native English speakers, they must be Fluent and able to speak clearly.

Q:  What grades would I be Teaching?

A:  Our partner schools have children from grades K-6.

Q:  Is there a dress code?

A: This can vary from school to school, Business Casual would be acceptable attire.